Monday, April 14, 2014

.....Nice shot

Nice Shot

RO - Jetstream - Grey - Headphones

booN hairpieces BOTA76 blonde

ZIBSKA~ Vyvian 
(The Game of Thrones gatcha event opens today.
We have two new items, one of which is the Vyvian necklace.
Vyvian is texture change via touch  menu featuring 17 colours
for main and accents, re-size & shine control and is copy/mod. 06 - 30 May )

ZIBSKA~ Veton ~
 ( The Veton jumpsuit includes optional
chest ruffles and the Tabia colour change cuffs [10 colours via HUD]
 and is available in three colours ~ red, prato and lagoon.
The Tabia Cuffs will be released separately at a later time.)

-Glam Affair - Mokatana


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