Friday, April 22, 2016


Purple Rain

Aisling Deux set.
Updated HUD and now includes coordinating coronet.
Aisling Deux offers 10 colour sets for flowers, 5 colours for chains.

This was a really hard image and time to translate emotionally. I grew up in a house of musicians and playing music and loving instruments. Music was my way to escape the pain of my childhood and the loss of my father. I often found more dark than light, but music molded me. Prince was the constant in my growing up. He gave me words of wisdom to reflect on. He inspired my desire to keep changing the channel on who I was as an artist. I craved him as a young girl growing into a woman. He was a humanitarian that loved giving and never wanted anything in return. But most of all he was present in my lifetime.... when so few artist are just here then gone, I will think of him every time I am creative. ♥-Spartin aka Chrissy

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