Tuesday, May 31, 2016

No one left alive in 1985, will ever do

 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five

Celine hair.FIT
 A centre parting carried back behind the shoulders, a great style for leaving your front bare, and giving attention to other parts of your look. From behind the style carries in long soft waves to the lower back and will be a beautiful addition to your summertime looks
Also comes in a animated "Swish" version please demo
@ LeLutka Hair

Mesh Head-SIMONE 1.6  **UPDATED**
All LeLutka mesh heads have been updated.

Version 1.6
•   Four new eyelash types were created, replacing all previous eyelash styles. Two designed
     for mask, and two designed for blend mode. The correct alpha mode is automatically
     applied when applying a lash style, but you can also change the blend mode manually for
     any lashes if desired.

•   All heads now use the same lashes with an improved UV layout.

•   All heads now have eyelash blend and mask modes available.

•   Expression change throttling from 1.5 has been removed.

•   Shimmer/Gloss REMOVE buttons now set the associated sliders to 0 as well.

•   Presets now can be cleared using the pop-up dialog when click+holding a preset.

•   Lashes and hairbase panel tint RESET buttons will also reset the luminance slider color.

•   Simone's vanishing face panels completely fixed (1.5 fix only reduced to extremely rare).

•   Simone should have an easier time when copying presets from one HUD to the next
    (to do this, wear both HUDs, apply the preset from the old HUD, then save it on the new HUD)
    Other heads have always been able to communicate with multiple HUDs

•   Various minor performance improvements.
@ LeLutka Mesh Heads

Alessa Lelutka applier - Summer Face
@ itGirls

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